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What Are Some Important Dog Bite Laws In Florida?

Posted on Aug 11, 2021 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

If you are a Florida citizen or visit here quite often and get bitten by a dog due to its owner’s negligence or dog’s aggressive behavior, then you have the right to file a claim and sue the party responsible for your injuries. 

These laws are misunderstood or less known in most cases, which is why many dog-bite victims are never able to recover their expenses and prove the dog owner guilty in the courtroom. Irrespective of whether you are a dog bite victim or not, keep these laws in mind just in case you have to deal with a similar situation in the future. 

Florida Dog Bite Laws:

According to the statute of limitations in Florida, you can easily sue the dog owner in your state’s civil court if you are a victim of the dog bite. It’s considered a personal injury and treated accordingly, so as per Florida Statute section 95.11, you have at max four years from the date of the bite to file the case. If you miss out on this deadline, the court is certainly going to dismiss your case unless it’s unique in its own way and call for an extension. 

To learn more about Florida dog bite laws, you must check Florida Statutes section 767.04, which clearly mentions that the dog owner is solely responsible if his pet bites someone and causes injuries. For this law to apply, the victim should be at the dog owner’s place with his permission or in a public space where everyone is free to walk around. 

Florida Statute covers only those cases where the victim sustained injuries from dog bites or any other way that involved the dog owner’s negligence and lack of cooperation. In such a case, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation. You can contact Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck P.A. and discuss your matter in detail to see if you can recover your expenses after a dog bite. Do it so that you don’t have to suffer for too long post a dig bite injury.

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