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Top Causes of Cruise Ship Accidents

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A cruise ship holiday vacation is always a perfect treat, whether for individuals, families or groups of friends. Besides a truly amazing time on board a modern cruise liner, the spectacular views and the lowered cost of travel plus all the discounts and perks make cruising a totally worthwhile experience. Americans, most of all, are among those who love to travel on sea; thus, they comprise more than half of the 20 million passengers who make cruise reservations annually.

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the global maritime safety treaty, called the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), make sure that the safety of all passengers is always the top priority of all cruise companies. Thus, besides requiring all cruise liners to be equipped with medical facilities and equipment that will enable their medical personnel to address all medical concerns of passengers, the CLIA and SOLAS have also required all their member companies to have their ships equipped with the necessary life-saving equipment to enable these to bring all passengers back to port safely, especially after an accident. In addition to all these, the maritime or admiralty law and the cruise ship industry also require that everything on board will have to be managed and operated by a highly trained and responsible crew.

There is no telling what emergency situation may suddenly happen while a ship is out to sea, however, according to the CLIA, four of the most common forms of disasters that can injure passengers are rouge waves, bad weather, fire (which may be due to mechanical failure) and collision with another ship or an object, such as an iceberg, an underwater rock or reef, which can result to a wide gash on a ship that will cause it to sink or capsize. There have been times also when, because of fire, a cruise ship has lost power, resulting to a series of problems on board, including being stranded in the sea or sanitation problems which leads to viral diseases. These are some types of situations that can turn a great holiday escapade into a nightmare for passengers.

According to the Louis A. Vucci, PA, being injured on a cruise ship gives the victim the legal right to seek compensation from the cruise line owner. The maritime law, however, is complex, that having a well experienced admiralty lawyer to defend the victim may be a necessity. This is because filing claims for damages which, besides being subjected to a statutory period, can also be done only in a specific court that is indicated on the back of a cruise ship passenger ticket.

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