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The Lowdown on Single Vehicle Car Accidents

Posted on Nov 18, 2016 by in Truck and Auto Accidents | 0 comments

Any car accident, regardless of the number of parties involved, can lead to serious injuries. According to a Chicago car accident attorney, the consequences of a collision can quickly become overwhelming. You could end up with a pile of expenses and may miss a huge time from your work. When it comes to car accidents, fault always comes to the picture especially in filing claims. But what if the accident involves a single vehicle?

As the name implies, single vehicle accidents involves only one vehicle. These types of crashes includes running off the road, colliding with rocks, running over debris, to name just a few. In single vehicle accidents, factors such as road conditions, hidden obstacles, and weather conditions can play a huge role in the driver’s ability to control a vehicle. In these types of accidents, only the driver and any of the passengers are injured.

Since the accident involves only one vehicle, the driver is in the best position to avoid the accident. Single vehicle accidents in this case may be due to excessive speed, driver fatigue, and alcohol use. Factors such as environmental and roadway factors such as inclement weather, narrow lanes, and shoulders can also play a huge factor in the accident.

While injuries in a single vehicle accident may be a question of negligence on the part of the driver, the liability may be shifted to a third party such as the manufacturer of the vehicle due to defective parts. Just like accidents involving multiple vehicles, the plaintiff needs to prove that there was a duty to prevent an injury, that the defendant breached that duty, and that such breach was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

In single vehicle accidents, the driver could still face criminal charges. The charges may be related to driving under the influence, wanton recklessness, and others. Seek the help of an attorney for possible legal remedies and consequences.

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