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Green Thumb, Great Health

Posted on May 17, 2019 by in Cancer | 0 comments

There are a lot of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone knows to avoid smoking cigarettes, wear sunscreen, and aim for at least eight hours of sleep a night. Nobody questions the big-ticket items. When it comes to diet and exercise, though, there are many different schools of thought. Some people eat a raw vegan diet and survive on mostly fruits and vegetables. Others choose to follow a ketogenic diet, by eliminating most carbs and incorporating high amounts of fat in their diet.

However, most of these camps agree that vegetables are essential for staying healthy. Raw vegetables, vegetables slathered in oil, everyone differs on the method of production, but it’s safe to say there is a strong case for vegetables being pretty important. But, what if these vegetables are potentially causing more harm than good?

In the 1970s, Monsanto unveiled Roundup, an herbicide designed to kill invasive species of plants while keeping other species healthy. Since its introduction, Roundup has managed to become the most widely used herbicide in the United States. Almost every farming industry uses this herbicide, from small plant nurseries to farm industry giants.

However, Roundup contains glyphosate. Glyphosate is a chemical that has now been classified as a carcinogen. It has been associated with a number of diseases, the worst of which being Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. As it is an aerosol spray, most of Roundup’s damage is a result of inhalation. Unfortunately, some of the victims of Roundup’s toxic side effects came into contact with it through contaminated food or water, and even while cleaning up weed killers.

Other than causing different types of cancer, Roundup has been linked to the development of certain genetic defects. ADHD, autism, depression, diabetes and so many more issues have been associated with this herbicide. Elderly people and pregnant women or more susceptible to damage caused by contact with Roundup.

Many law firms are taking on victims of Roundup so that they can receive the proper treatment for their illnesses. For example, The Driscoll Firm, P.C. has opened up its doors to victims to come and open up a case against Monsanto. This is largely a class-action lawsuit, although some people are choosing to keep the case person, as individuals.

For over forty years now, people have tended to their farms and gardens using Roundup to keep invasive plants at bay. They used this spray in the hopes that a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables would help keep them healthy. Their reward for all their hard work was a cancer diagnosis. This injustice has impacted millions, as most people have bought produce that was cultivated using Roundup. If you think you have been affected by the cancerous effects of Roundup, speak up. Monsanto’s silence regarding this issue speaks volumes, and their denial has said more than anything they could come up with on their own.

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